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About Me

Zynnell Zuh is an African Movie Star, Film Producer, Fashion Icon and Fashionpreneur. Her career as an actress started 8 years ago. Due to her talent, elegance, infectious character and powerful demeanour she is regularly cast for leading roles. Her commitment, professionalism, focus and drive for higher heights has propelled Zynnell into movie production. Respected by her loyal fan base and esteemed colleagues, she continues to gain support from all corners of the industry for her natural abilities and unparalleled progressive work ethic.  
Her alluring facial features and her sophisticated style align her perfectly to the Pan-African audience and beyond.


Main attributes:

‣ Familiar On Screen face.

‣ Award-winning Fashion Icon and Trend Setter.

‣ Revered by the whole Industry.

‣ Great public speaker.

‣ Stands out in a crowd.

‣ Energetic, passionate and outgoing character who is also pursuing a degree in law. 

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